Plant Safety

Our safety engineers would be happy to advise you in all matters related to plant safety and to jointly come up with a cost-effective, legally conformant solution that can be attested with an officially recognised certificate.

This relates, for example, to the expansion of the plants as well as the deployment of equipment. In these cases, the law prescribes that operating equipment must be subjected to a fresh inspection. In addition, the topic of explosion protection - keyword solvent content for paints - is of great importance from the standpoint of plant safety.

Our services

  • Inspection for explosion protection according to BetrSichV §§ 4 and 15 (Operations Safety Ordinance)
  • Generation of explosion protection documents for new plants and matching the documents for modified plants
  • Inspection of work equipment and operating equipment according to BetrSichV § 10
  • Inspections in the meaning of the Professional Guilds' Regulations, the "Berufsgenossenschaftliche Vorschriften (BGV)" in all the required categories. This includes the list of obligatory measures for your company and the conception for solutions to fulfil the prescribed safety, including a certificate conformant with the governmental regulations.
  • Generation of the documentation for achieving the CE conformity according to Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and ATEX (2014/34/EU) for existing plants or after plant relocation
  • Generation of safety concepts and risk analyses according to EN 12100:2011-03
  • Creating fire protection concepts according to EN 13478
  • Appointing safety and health inspectors
  • Training and induction in all themes related to operational and work safety