Consulting and Planning

Our challenge is to find an optimum solution for you. To achieve this goal, we are at your service with advice right from a very early project phase. Together with you, we plan and design your painting plant, and our experienced project managers will realise the solution within the stipulated schedule and budget.

The result that we achieve from this cooperation is the design and execution of a painting plant that satisfies, in all respects, your high expectations of productivity, flexibility and quality of the painted parts.


Our many years of experience and competence in the planning and design of painting plants will help you in finding a solution to your painting tasks. We are glad to be at your service for the layout development, material flow planning and process design. To do so, we use all the possibilities of modern IT, such as 3D-design, material flow simulation, flow simulation and feasibility studies for robots.

Of course, we integrate all the latest topics of environmental management and energy reduction just as much as considerations for integrated energy systems for entire production lines.

Together with you, we can find the optimum solution for your painting tasks.

Project Management

To take care of our interests in the project development is not the only task of our experienced engineers and technicians; they will also be at your service with advice during the execution of the project for all questions and requirements related to your new painting plant.