b+m Tool Changer

Innovative quick-change system for painting bells and paint spray guns

The b+m Tool Changer is a fully automatic tool changing system for painting robots and offers maximum flexibility for paint systems or for test system operation.

Depending on the process being mapped, the painting robot can always be equipped with the suitable atomizer for the task. Regardless of whether a high rotation atomizer or gun atomizer is required, the appropriate atomizer can be loaded and unloaded within a short time from a magazine designed for this. The atomizer parameters (in the PLC) are automatically adapted to the new atomizer. The magazine can hold up to five atomizers, depending on requirements. An operation with electrostatic (ESTA) is possible.

The design of the b+m Tool Changer is robust and compact. The crucial feature is that all media and pneumatic lines are routed inside the b+m Tool Changer. Dirt caused by overspray can thus be reduced to a minimum. The robot’s range of motion also is not impaired by disruptive contours near the atomizer. A reliable locking system adapts the atomizer safely and leak-proof to the robot.