Painting plants for metal parts

The coating of metallic surfaces requires a standard of plants that has to satisfy the most stringent demands. The processes are individually customised to your coating requirements and the plant components are matched to one another according to the process planning. For the coating of metal parts, apart from the correct pretreatment of the substrates, the process control, e.g. for the painting booth conditioning, is a significant factor.

The use of selected components from competent systems partners ensures the constancy of our quality standards and hence, for our customers, the consistency of the delivery quality of the products.

For paint mist separation, our company uses both, the traditional water separation with Venturi floor extraction or water wall as well as the dry separation systems with rock flour and very fine filtering or cardboard filters.

Our services

  • Pretreatment: spraying and dip-coating systems
  • Wet painting: spray booths with wet or dry separation systems
  • Paint supply systems: paint mixing rooms, multi-component systems, ring main systems and special paint supplies
  • Application technologies: paint supply and painting robots
  • Paint dryer: circulating air and radiation dryer
  • Conveyor systems: Power+Free, Skid systems, circular conveyors, inverted Power+Free, electric monorail systems
  • Environmental technology: exhaust air purification, waste water treatment, bath treatment, paint coagulation, material recovery, energy recovery