Painting plants for plastic parts

Be it a small pushbutton or a large car bumper, we can build complete lines for you for painting plastics of all kinds. All the components of the painting process are matched exactly to one another and satisfy our highest quality requirements.

Corresponding to the latest technology, our plastic painting plants are fitted with air recirculation systems with integrated heat recovery systems. For the paint mist separation, we can offer water systems and dry separation systems in these cases as well.

Our services

  • Pretreatment: spray systems for cleaning and degreasing, CO2 systems, plasma systems
  • Booth technology: fully glazed painting booths in modern design with integrated media supply
  • Wet or dry separation: circulating air and cleanroom technology for low operating costs and best quality
  • Plant design: fully encapsulated material transport with integrated wet pattern checks and deionisation devices
  • Paint supply systems: paint mixing rooms, multi-component systems, ring main systems and special paint supplies
  • Application technologies: painting robots and paint atomisers
  • Paint dryer: circulating air and radiation dryer
  • Conveyor systems: Power+Free, skid systems, circular conveyors, inverted Power+Free, electric monorail systems
  • Environmental technology: exhaust air purification, waste water treatment, bath treatment, paint coagulation, material recovery, energy recovery